The best bitcoin and cryptocurrency faucets that pay in 2024.

Do you want to earn cryptocurrencies without investing? Have you decided to start in the world of bitcoin but are completely lost? Or are you simply looking for new faucets? Do not worry. You are in the right place. Bitcoin faucets are the perfect solution.

Here we will teach you what a cryptocurrency faucet is and show you a list with the best bitcoin faucets of 2024.

What is a bitcoin faucet

A cryptocurrency faucet is a reward system that gives away small amounts of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These small fractions are known as satoshis and are commonly used when talking about bitcoin and, especially, bitcoin faucets.

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Faucets are websites or mobile applications. The meaning of faucet in Spanish is grifo, so it is also common to find them referred to as such in forums or web pages about bitcoin.

Bitcoin faucets were created with the intention of promoting cryptocurrencies, spreading how bitcoin works, and making it accessible to everyone without the need for technical knowledge or powerful equipment. The first faucet was created by Gavin Andresen in 2010 and was called bitcoin faucet. Initially, it gave away 5 bitcoins per visit.

All Bitcoin faucets are free

If you find a cryptocurrency faucet that is not free, it is probably a scam.

Bitcoin faucets are funded through advertising and donations. They continue to be very popular and have become almost a tradition that has spread to other cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin Cash to Dogecoin.

Why use bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets emerged to try to make Bitcoin known to a wider audience. Therefore, they are a perfect tool if you want to start earning bitcoins without making any investment. They are perfect for learning what cryptocurrencies are used for, how transactions and cryptocurrency wallets work, or even to understand how bitcoin exchanges operate.

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A BTC faucet is the best way to learn how Blockchain works.

Additionally, it can indirectly be a source of long-term income. 8 years ago, in 2010, when bitcoin was worth just one cent, the first faucet was created that gave away 5 BTC per visit.

Can you imagine getting 5 BTC today? If a person had held onto them, they would have over 140,000 US dollars in cryptocurrencies. If they had sold them in December 2017 November 2021, when bitcoin reached its highest price, they would have gained over 100,000 dollars 345,000 dollars (we have updated and crossed out the previous figures, so that readers are aware of the potential of bitcoin and how you can really make money with cryptocurrency faucets).

Who says bitcoin won't continue to rise? If you trust in cryptocurrencies, you have no excuse not to use bitcoin faucets.

How does a bitcoin faucet work

All cryptocurrency faucets are very similar and although there may be variations, they usually work in a very similar way:

  1. Enter the page.
  2. Enter your bitcoin wallet address in a text field.
  3. Complete a captcha or anti-bot to prove that you are human.
  4. Click a button to claim the satoshis.

The faucets are linked to a record or a bitcoin wallet. Every time you claim satoshis, they will be added to the ones you already have in your account. That is, they act in an accumulative way.

Sometimes both the captcha and the button to claim the bitcoins are hidden among the advertising. With a little attention, they can be found easily. If you notice any problem when claiming your satoshis, reloading the page usually solves it, as captchas can get blocked.

Once a cryptocurrency faucet is used, it is necessary to wait for a while to use it again. This periodicity depends on the BTC faucet. There are some that you can claim every 5 minutes and others that require waiting several hours. Normally, the longer the wait, the higher the earnings will be.

The rewards of accumulative faucets are modest, but they are the ideal resource for people who want to get started in the bitcoin world. With a little consistency, you will start to see earnings.

Some cryptocurrency faucets have the option to multiply earnings by participating in a game of chance. Generally, you can lose everything you have earned, so it is not always advisable to use these options.

How to win in a bitcoin faucet?

To earn bitcoins with a faucet you only need a bitcoin wallet. You can use Coinbase or Xapo wallets. However, for faucets, perhaps the most recommended option is Coinpot. This microwallet is integrated with several faucets. When you claim your reward in some of them, your cryptocurrencies will be automatically transferred to your Coinpot wallet. Later in this article, we talk about the best faucets that pay in Coinpot.

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The best way to know how to use a cumulative faucet is to try them. That's why we recommend choosing one from the following list and signing up for it.

List of faucets. The best bitcoin faucets 2024

Regarding the offer of free bitcoin faucets, there are thousands of them. New ones are constantly being created. However, many of them have too invasive advertising, which can be annoying and make it difficult to use them.

Here we bring you a list of reliable bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faucets. As you can see, we haven't created an endless list with thousands of cryptocurrency faucets, but we have selected the best online faucets that pay the most in 2024.

Don't think twice, if you really want to know what a bitcoin faucet is, the best thing to do is to try them out. Go ahead!

These faucets are profitable, have less advertising, and are easy to use. And of course, they are free faucets. In short, we have created a list with the best cryptocurrency faucets of 2024.

The best way to use a satoshi faucet is with your mobile phone, as you can claim them whenever you remember. It is ideal to save your favorite faucets in open tabs or in bookmarks, so you can request bitcoins even faster. To register on them, you just have to click on the banners of that page.

List of the best bitcoin faucets 2024

# Faucet Claims Bonuses Others
1 Cointiply Every hour Loyalty Earn satoshis by watching videos, ads, and playing
5% interest on 35,500 coins
2 Pi Network (The link only works on mobile) Once a day Referrals, Node Earn cryptocurrencies by mining. Extra mining power with the code "fonsiman"
3 FreeBitcoin Every hour - 5% interest on 35,500 coins
Lottery and multiplier
4 Libre blockchain (The link only works on mobile) Once a day Referrals Earn extra cryptocurrencies with yield farming

Cointiply, the faucet that pays higher rewards

Banner Cointiply faucet that pays 2024

Over time, Cointiply has positioned itself as the first in most "Best bitcoin faucets 2024" lists. The reason is simple: It is the BTC faucet that makes the highest payments. And that's still in beta phase.

Your rewards will be higher than those of other bitcoin faucets, but it also offers other options to earn free satoshis, such as watching videos, with PTC ads, or playing.

In addition, it has a loyalty bonus that will add 1% to your earnings for each consecutive day you claim, up to a maximum of 100%. That is, if it already pays more than any other faucet in a normal way, you can even double those payments. Undoubtedly the best bitcoin faucet.

→ Register on Cointiply, the best free BTC faucet ←

Cointiply will also reward you with an annual 5% of your balance in your account starting from having 35,000 coins. However, this option is deactivated by default.

To activate it, access the "Settings/Premium" option from the upper right corner menu. There you can enable Enable 5% annual interest on your Coin balances over 35,000 Coins.

If you want to know more tips and learn how to use Cointiply, we recommend you to read the article about tips for Cointiply

Pi Network, the cryptocurrency mining faucet

We have added Pi Network to the faucet section because it operates similarly to them, although it is not actually a cryptocurrency faucet. Pi Network is actually an app for mining cryptocurrencies using your mobile phone.

Mining on Pi Network is actually a "staking" process where users earn tokens based on their contribution to the network's growth. You only need to tap the lightning bolt icon in the app once every 24 hours to keep Pi mining active on your device. That's why we say it is very similar to bitcoin faucets.

To get extra mining power and join our network, download the app through the following link and use the referral code "fonsiman".

→ Download Pi Network and the mining faucet ←

If you want to learn more about Pi Network and how you can increase your earnings, check out the article on how to mine cryptocurrencies with your mobile phone.

FreeBitcoin, the captcha-free faucet

FreeBitcoin banner from the satoshi faucet list

Free Bitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet founded in 2013. Its regular payments to thousands of users throughout this time have positioned it as one of the most reliable bitcoin faucets of 2024. Opinions about this faucet are generally very positive, and over the years it has gained a large legion of fans. Therefore, before trying new faucets, we recommend FreeBitcoin. For us, FreeBitcoin is the best faucet to earn satoshis.

There are many copies of this BTC faucet, so if you decide to register, we recommend doing it from a reliable source. For example, you can do it through the following link:

→ Register for FreeBitcoin to start earning free bitcoins ←

Its operation is very simple, it doesn't even have a captcha, you just have to click the ROLL button. However, due to the importance of this faucet for earning bitcoin and the multiple possibilities to increase earnings within it, we have created a tutorial with tricks for FreeBitcoin.

For example, if you subscribe to their daily newsletters, which you will find in E-MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS within PROFILE, you will receive daily emails from the platform. At the end of each email, you have a banner that, if you click on it, allows you to play a roulette called WOF or Wheel Of Fortune. In it, you can win numerous prizes, including up to 5,000 satoshis instantly.

Just like Cointiply, Freebitcoin will also reward you with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 4.49% of your balance in your account once you have 30,000 satoshis.

It may seem less than what Cointiply offers, as the APR of this platform is 5%. However, Freebitcoin's calculation is directly based on satoshis, while Cointiply converts your cryptocurrencies into Coins, which follow the dollar. Therefore, if you trust in the appreciation of cryptocurrencies, it is better to earn this percentage directly in crypto.

Although 5% may seem little, we have noticed a considerable improvement in our earnings. That is why we transfer all the earnings we get from other faucets to Freebitcoin, to benefit even more from this interest.

Free: Bitcoin Faucet Every 24 Hours

Libre is a blockchain that defines itself as a layer 2 of Bitcoin. It was born under the premise that there are only two key tokens that matter to most people: Bitcoin for long-term savings and stablecoins for payments. That is why it only integrates bitcoin, tether (USDT), and its own token, LIBRE, although network fees are paid in BTC.

To fulfill this idea, they have created their own blockchain that has many advantages over the Bitcoin blockchain, such as easy-to-remember addresses, faster transactions, and free gas fees. It also has a couple of liquidity pools, something that until now was reserved for other blockchains that could execute smart contracts.

Libre is integrated with several wallets, but the best one to interact with this blockchain is its native wallet called Bitcoin Libre. It is a mobile wallet that integrates a free bitcoin faucet: You have the possibility to win from 5 to 2,500 satoshis daily by spinning a roulette wheel.

There are certain things to keep in mind when downloading the wallet:

  • For years, we have enjoyed unrestricted access to the Libre faucet through its roulette wheel. Currently, they have doubled some of the prizes on it, and you can win up to double (5000 SATS) in a single spin. However, they have set a condition: You must have at least $10 deposited in the app in BTC, USDT, or LIBRE tokens. The faucet remains free, you only need to have made the deposit. Therefore, if you are not willing to make a deposit in the app, it is better not to download it. For this reason, this faucet has gone from being one of the first to the last on our list.
  • In the upper left corner, you can expand the app's settings. Do it and click on "Backup Wallet." The recovery phrase of your wallet will appear. The first thing you should do when downloading the app is to write down the 12 words in a safe place.
  • In the other corner, the upper right one, there is the roulette wheel, which functions as a daily faucet. If you create a new account, it may fail on the first spin. It's better to wait a few minutes before spinning.

To download the wallet, use the following link (it is an app and will take you to an App Store, so the link only works on a mobile device):

→ Register on Bitcoin Libre, a daily bitcoin faucet ←

As we have told you before, the Libre blockchain has two liquidity pools with which you can do yield farming: One for BTC-USDT and another for BTC-LIBRE. These pools have an APY that is usually close to 100%. The truth is that we have seen many liquidity pools throughout our DeFi experience, but none that give us so much confidence with such high APYs, especially for the BTC-USDT one.

You can transfer your funds to your Libre wallet to take advantage of this opportunity or you can even provide liquidity periodically to these pools with the satoshis you earn daily from the bitcoin roulette.

To connect the Libre wallet, access the Libre blockchain dashboard and click on the "Connect Wallet" button in the upper right corner. A QR code will appear that you must scan with the Bitcoin Libre app.

Alternatives to bitcoin faucets

Faucets are an easy and secure way to get some satoshis. However, it is not the only way.

You can discover alternatives to bitcoin faucets in our article on how to earn free bitcoins.

Do you know any more cryptocurrency faucets? Do you have any questions on how to use bitcoin faucets? Feel free to leave us a comment.

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