Websites to get or earn free bitcoins in 2024

In order to promote the use of cryptocurrencies, websites offering free bitcoins have emerged. However, many of them can be scams. To help you avoid them, this article shows you how to earn free satoshis in 2024 on secure and reliable sites.

It is important to remember that nobody gives anything away for free. While it is possible to make money with bitcoin, you should be skeptical of ads that promise large amounts of satoshis or quick bitcoin earnings, as they are likely scams.

However, there are websites that offer a few satoshis or small amounts of bitcoin in exchange for completing a task (viewing ads, solving a captcha, playing a game, etc.).

These sites are generally funded through advertising or even donations, which is relatively common in the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin earning systems are ideal for getting familiar and getting started in this fascinating universe.

Below, we present you with how to earn bitcoins without investing in three different ways: through bitcoin faucets, online gaming, or passive mining with your computer.

Discover the best pages to earn free bitcoin in 2024

How to earn cryptocurrencies without investing 2024

Before showing you the best websites to get free bitcoins, we want to highlight our favorite.

It's Cointiply, considered by us as the best option to quickly earn bitcoins in 2024.

Cointiply is the faucet that offers the highest amounts of satoshis (in the Daily Free Spin section). Besides, it allows you to earn free BTC by watching videos, PTC ads, and playing games to get satoshis. Undoubtedly, it is the most comprehensive bitcoin website.

→ Sign up for Cointiply to quickly earn bitcoins ←

How to get free bitcoin with a faucet

Bitcoin faucets, or taps in Spanish, are websites that offer small amounts of bitcoin for free. Most are supported by advertising and represent the best alternative to get free bitcoins if you are a beginner. Their concept is very simple: they are pages where you can earn bitcoins by solving captchas.

Some faucets will require a digital wallet, and in any case, you will need one to withdraw the funds. If you do not have one yet, you can learn how to get it in the article on how to store cryptocurrencies.

For us, in addition to the aforementioned Cointiply, one of the best pages to earn free BTC is FreeBitcoin. It is a very simple faucet without advertisements. It is ideal to keep it among your favorite pages on your mobile device and play whenever you remember, as it will only take you a few seconds.

→ Register on FreeBitcoin ←

If you want to know other options to earn free bitcoins, you can find a detailed guide on faucets in the article on bitcoin faucets.

How to earn free cryptocurrencies with cashbacks

For this way of earning free cryptocurrencies, you will need to apply for a debit card. Don't worry, it's completely free (and we promise you that the other alternatives we present below are easier).

The Plutus card is a free card where you can pay with cryptocurrencies, as it is connected to a decentralized exchange. However, what really stands out is its cashbacks: it offers full refunds on subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, or Apple One, and it also has partnerships with stores like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, IKEA, Carrefour, Mercadona, or Lidl (among many others). In addition, it also offers a cashback ranging from 3% to 8% on all purchases.

The cashbacks are returned in their Pluton (PLU) token, which you can sell directly on their DEX or stake to get more advantages and discounts at stores. With a simple strategy, it's easy to get €100 to €150 in cashbacks every month.

To get the most out of it, you can visit our article on how to use Plutus. Also, if you register through the following link, you can get $10 worth of PLU for free when making your first deposit.


There is another non-crypto cashback platform that is very useful called Widilo.

Its operation is very simple: Every time you make a purchase online, check if it is available on Widilo. If so, all you have to do is access the page you want to buy through Widilo and make the purchase as you normally would (do not use ad blockers or browsers like Brave, as they track the purchase to verify it). A few days after making the purchase, your balance on Widilo will be updated with the cashback you have received. When you reach a minimum of €15 accumulated, you can make a transfer to your bank account.

The great advantage is that practically all the stores that have an online shop are on the platform (try it on their website or using their search engine, you'll be surprised). Plus, you can combine it with the Plutus card to accumulate the cashbacks.

If you register through the following link and successfully make a cashback of any amount, you will receive €4 in your Widilo account.

→ Sign up for Widilo ←

How to earn free cryptocurrencies by saving

Well, this is a bit strange. Because in order to save, you first need cryptocurrencies. But we bring you a proposal that we believe may interest you: The Rand app.

Rand is a savings application. Instead of keeping your money stuck in the bank, you can deposit it in the Rand app and get a minimum annual return of 5% (). All this without any fees. Neither for deposit, withdrawal, nor management.

The application uses cryptocurrency technology to obtain the return, but without the user intervening in the process (they only have to deposit the money) and always with stable coins, to avoid market volatilities. In other words, it's like hiring an expert who helps you make profits with your money.

Rand has high security protocols, registered as a financial technology company in the Bank of Spain with registration number D697 and with insurance in the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD) with a maximum of €100,000 per depositor.

In addition, you can get €5 for free when signing up on Rand. To do this, simply enter your email here and make sure to use the same email when downloading and registering in the application (search for it as Rand in your app store).

Interested? You can learn more about how it works in our article about the Rand app.


How to get free bitcoins by mining

Explained in a very simple way, miners are people who connect their computer equipment to the bitcoin network and provide their computing power to perform processes that allow transactions and the security of the entire bitcoin system. In exchange for sharing that power, they are rewarded with bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining is an expensive alternative. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition, so you need very powerful and expensive equipment. Additionally, it demands a lot of energy, so it also has electrical costs.

In other words, mining is not a free option to earn bitcoins. It requires investment and maintenance costs, although in the long run, it turns out to be a profitable project.

However, there are other ways in which you can mine bitcoins with minimal resource expenditure. In this article, we present two options: cloud mining and mining cryptocurrencies with a mobile phone.

Cloud mining: Earn free bitcoin by mining in the cloud

Cloud mining is a way to mine without needing to invest in equipment or spend money on its maintenance.

Although there are several alternatives in the market, many of them have proven to be a scam. That is why we have created a cloud mining guide where you can find the only provider of this service that is 100% reliable. You can find the guide at the following link:

» Cloud mining or cloud mining

Pi Network: Earn free cryptocurrencies by mining with your phone

An interesting option to earn free cryptocurrencies from your mobile phone is through Pi Network. Pi Network is a cryptocurrency specifically designed to be mined from mobile devices, allowing users to earn rewards without consuming significant resources or spending electricity.

Mining with Pi Network is a simple way to earn free cryptocurrencies from your mobile phone without the need to invest in expensive mining equipment or spend electricity. Keep in mind that the value and utility of the Pi cryptocurrency are still under development, and its market adoption will depend on the project's evolution and user community.

In order to exchange Pi currency for FIAT currency, you will need to go through a KYC process. Once completed, you will be able to withdraw your cryptocurrencies and send them to an exchange. The exchange with the highest trading volume for Pi is Huobi.

To mine cryptocurrencies with your mobile, download the app through the following link. If at any point during the process you are asked for a referral code, use "fonsiman" and you will have extra mining power.

→ Download Pi Network and earn cryptocurrencies by mining ←

If you still want to learn more about how to use Pi Network and how to increase your earnings with the app, you can visit our article on how to mine cryptocurrencies with your phone.

How to earn free bitcoin by taking surveys

Another interesting way to earn free bitcoins is by completing online surveys. There are platforms that reward their users with small amounts of bitcoin for participating in surveys and sharing their opinions about various products or services. These rewards are possible thanks to the collaboration of companies that seek to obtain valuable information from consumers.

To start earning free bitcoins by taking surveys, you will first need to register on a reliable platform that offers this type of rewards. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information in your profile to increase your chances of being selected for relevant surveys. Once you have completed a survey, you will receive a bitcoin reward that you can withdraw to your digital wallet.

There are many platforms that offer free cryptocurrencies for taking surveys. Among all of them, we recommend an old friend: Cointiply. It has been faithfully paying all its users for years and offers multiple ways to earn free satoshis in addition to surveys, such as a faucet or watching ads.

→ Sign up at Cointiply and earn bitcoins with surveys ←

How to earn free bitcoins by playing

If you want to earn free bitcoins by playing the best option is still Cointiply. You may find other options on the internet, but they have proven to be unreliable. The only safe and trustworthy option we know is Cointiply.

To earn free satoshis by playing, go to the "Install games & apps" section. You can download games to your mobile and after playing for a while, you will receive a significant amount of coins in your account. The only drawback is that most of these offers are available only for Android.

→ Sign up for Cointiply and earn bitcoins by playing ←

Another option to earn cryptocurrencies by playing is the "Multiply BTC" section, which you can find in faucets like Cointiply and It is a betting system where you can multiply your bitcoin if you guess whether the next randomly generated number is higher or lower than a certain number. However, we do not recommend playing it as it involves many risks and you may lose all the cryptocurrencies you have earned.

→ Sign up for FreeBitcoin ←

Earn free cryptocurrencies by learning

Yes, it is also possible to earn cryptocurrencies while you learn about them.

The famous exchange Coinbase has created an education platform to promote the use of lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

This resource is located in the "Rewards for learning" section and offers free cryptocurrencies for watching videos that explain how these cryptocurrencies work. You just have to watch the video which lasts a few minutes and answer a survey.

Currently, you can earn cryptocurrencies equivalent to $10 in less than 10 minutes. This section is constantly updated, so visit it frequently in case there are new ways to earn free cryptocurrencies. Remember that you can convert these cryptocurrencies into your local currency to withdraw them from the platform.

If you are not yet registered on Coinbase, you can do the following:

  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus, which will give you $10 for free by purchasing a minimum of $100 (or the equivalent in your local currency). At the end of this article you will find how to earn free cryptocurrencies through the welcome bonuses of other exchanges.
  • Earn free cryptocurrencies by watching videos, which will get you an extra $10.
  • If you convert everything back to your local currency, you can withdraw $120. That is, you will have earned $20 in free cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes.
→ Sign up on Coinbase to earn 10$ in free bitcoin

AdBTC: Earn bitcoins by watching videos

Earn satoshis by watching advertisements

AdBTC is an application where you can easily earn free bitcoin by watching advertisements and it is available from anywhere in the world.

The minimum payout is 15,000 satoshis (or 0.00015000 BTC) and you will receive it in your wallet within 24-48 hours.

During the registration process, AdBTC asks for a wallet. Don't worry, you can change it later.

If you don't have a wallet yet, visit our guide on how to create a bitcoin account.

To join this platform, you can do so through the following link:

→ Register to start earning satoshis by watching videos on AdBTC

AdBTC allows you to earn bitcoins quickly, as you can earn between 750 and 1000 satoshis in just 10 minutes. There are three ways to earn free satoshis:

  • Surf Ads, where you can earn bitcoin by visiting webpages. When you click the "Start" button, you will be redirected to another page. You must browse through it until the countdown on AdBTC ends, which is when you will earn your satoshis.
  • AutoSurfing, which is practically a way to earn satoshis automatically. You just have to click and let the displayed ads pass. It's that simple, without any action required.
  • Surfing in active window, an option for PTC (or paid to click) ads: You have to click on the advertisement, wait for a countdown, and solve a captcha. It's the typical way to earn bitcoins by completing tasks.

The ads are constantly renewed, so it's ideal to visit the page 2-3 times a day.

With AdBTC, you can earn bitcoin automatically with the AutoSurfing option

How to win a free NFT

Do you like the metaverse? The NFTs?

A team of Spanish developers is creating one on the Solana network and launching NFTs. Their Metaverse is already available and you can see it on their website (or download their application for Android phones). Join their discord and follow them on Twitter.

If you open a ticket on their discord and tell them you are from, you will get the FREE MINT role and you will receive a free NFT when the collection is launched. The distribution will take place on May 31, 2023, so make sure to join the discord before that date (most of the information in their discord is in English, but don't worry because, as we said, they are Spanish, so ask them in your preferred language).

→ Get a free NFT ←

Earn free cryptocurrencies with airdrops

Airdrops are events in which cryptocurrency projects distribute free tokens to users, usually as part of a marketing strategy or to distribute tokens among their community.

There have been many successful airdrops in the future: Aptos, in which users received over $7,000, Optimism or Arbitrum, where many received over $2,000, or Space ID, which rewarded its users with over $700 in tokens, or the ARKHAM analysis tool.

These are some of the most talked-about airdrops on social media today:

  • New blockchains like ZKSync, Linea (created by the creators of MetaMask), and Base (by Coinbase). To qualify, you must interact with different blockchains and their protocols. We recommend that you look for tutorials on YouTube to learn how to qualify for them. It is always advisable to interact with recognized protocols to avoid possible scams.
  • Polygon zkEVM. Polygon has launched a second blockchain, and its creator has hinted several times on Twitter at the possibility of an airdrop. Plus, over the next 6 weeks, you can earn points for a possible airdrop by completing certain tasks. You will need a decentralized wallet (like MetaMask) and send ETH to the Polygon zkEVM network. Some tasks are as simple as following Twitter accounts or joining Discord groups. Just by participating, you already qualify for the possible airdrop. You can find the tasks here.
  • DeBank is an application that is recently gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency community. There are numerous rumors about a possible airdrop. It allows you to monitor your crypto portfolio on various blockchains and protocols and provides analysis tools. To qualify, you just have to link a decentralized wallet (like MetaMask) and use the tool. Plus, you can now earn free USDC just by interacting with other users' posts. You can sign up here.
    • The popular page CoinMarketCap also has an airdrops section. There you can obtain free tokens by performing simple tasks like following social media accounts or retweeting.

      The reality is that due to the popularity of the page, there are many users participating in the airdrops, and it is quite difficult to get one, but it doesn't hurt to try.

      → Sign up for CoinMarketCap to earn free tokens in airdrops ←

      Earn free cryptocurrencies by staking

      If you already have some amount of cryptocurrencies that you plan to hold for some time, you can earn extra return on them by staking.

      Staking is the process of participating in transaction validation and security of a blockchain network by locking a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in a wallet, which allows users to earn rewards in the form of interest or new coins. In other words, it is a way to earn extra return on your cryptocurrencies.

      Although it is a technology that originated with decentralized finance and can be somewhat difficult to use, there are many crypto platforms that have integrated it, making it very user-friendly.

      The best among them is undoubtedly Nexo, as it offers much higher returns than other platforms.

      Its most attractive staking is for FIAT coins and stablecoins, as they offer up to 12% annual profitability without the risk associated with the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. However, they also offer very high returns for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

      If this hasn't seemed enough to you, we sweeten the deal even more thanks to an agreement we have reached with Nexo: If you deposit a minimum of $100 worth of any cryptocurrency and leave it on the platform for 30 days, you will receive a $25 reward in BTC. In addition, during those 30 days, you will be earning a return on the deposited coin. Click on the following link to take advantage of the offer.

      → Sign up at Nexo and discover its APR ←

      The best alternative to Nexo is Binance Earn, the staking system of the famous exchange Binance.

      If you still don't have an account on Binance, take advantage of the offer we have obtained with them: If you register through the following link, you can benefit from up to $100 in free commissions.

      → Sign up on Binance and earn free commissions ←

      Earn free bitcoin by investing

      Although it may seem strange, it is also possible to get free bitcoin by investing directly. But, how is this possible?

      Well, it's easy: Many bitcoin exchanges offer welcome bonuses the first time you make a transaction on the platform. There are multiple platforms, but below we show you some of the most popular and secure platforms in the market that offer welcome bonuses: Bybit, Coinmetro,, Bitpanda or Coinbase.

      » Want to know what exchanges or platforms to buy bitcoins? Visit our post about the "Best Bitcoin Exchanges".


      The Bybit offer is temporary, so if you want to take advantage of it, you must do so as soon as possible. By depositing a minimum equivalent of 100 USDT (we recommend depositing a little more to ensure) you will receive an airdrop of 25 USDT. For us, it is undoubtedly the best offer available.

      In order to benefit from the offer, it is mandatory to register through the following link.

      → Register on Bybit to get free 25 USDT


      Coinmetro's offer may be one of the best, as you won't have to make any purchases. By simply depositing $50 or the equivalent in your local currency in any FIAT currency, you will receive $10 in cryptocurrencies for free.

      In order to benefit from this offer, you just need to register through the following link.

      → Register at Coinmetro to earn free $10 in cryptocurrencies is another one of the most used platforms for buying bitcoin and they also offer a way to earn free cryptocurrencies. To do this, you must register with the code 8FH85DM6, buy €100, and within 2-3 business days you will receive an extra €5 in your wallet.

      In order to benefit from the offer, you only need to register through the following link and it is very important to use the mentioned code (8FH85DM6) during the registration process.

      → Register on with the code 8FH85DM6 ←


      Bitpanda is another of the most used and secure platforms to buy bitcoin in the world. But the welcome offer is much better than Coinbase's: You can earn $2 (or euros) just by depositing and making a transaction of at least $25.

      That is, you can deposit €25, make a transaction and you will earn 2€ in bitcoin for free. At this moment you can withdraw the money and you will have €27 in your wallet (minus the fees that the platform deducts from you).

      Like Coinbase, Bitpanda offers this welcome bonus only through an invitation. That is, only if you do it through the following link (do not close or open another window during registration):

      → Sign up on Bitpanda to earn $2 in free bitcoin

      Best pages to earn satoshis or bitcoin quickly 2024

      As noted at the beginning, no one gives away money for nothing. Bitcoins are still a currency and, although virtual, you cannot obtain bitcoins online in significant amounts. If you are looking for how to earn bitcoins quickly and for free, we regret to inform you that it is not easy.

      However, by consistently applying some (or all) of these methods, you can accumulate a relevant amount of cryptocurrencies. This, combined with a future appreciation of bitcoin, can generate extra income for you.

      To get the most out of these options, there are affiliate programs. Almost all of these websites have them. Through them, you can invite friends and you will receive part of the rewards they generate. If you manage to have a significant network of affiliates, you will see that it is possible to make money with bitcoin.

      How to Get Free and Fast Bitcoins

      Undoubtedly, the best pages to obtain free bitcoins are the faucets. Although it is true that at first you will not earn much, if you use it for a while, you will be surprised by the results. As we have mentioned, the best of them are undoubtedly FreeBitcoin and Cointiply. Here are some links for you to learn more about them:

      Although getting bitcoins by playing or through PTC pages may be more entertaining, in the long run, the time invested for each satoshi is much greater. We recommend this option only if you really feel like playing those games.

      In addition, most of these pages where you can get free bitcoins have a referral system. This means that if you get family and friends to join through a referral link, you will also receive a portion of their earnings. Perhaps this is the best way to quickly earn many satoshis.

      Finally, if you are determined and understand the risks of cryptocurrencies, you can invest in bitcoin with the intention of selling them in the future for a higher value. If you still don't know how to do it, we invite you to visit our tutorial on how to buy bitcoins.

      Did you find it interesting to learn how to get free bitcoins in 2024? Learn much more about bitcoin in our cryptocurrency guide.