How and where to BUY or INVEST in the cryptocurrency Binance Coin BNB in 2024

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The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been continuously increasing, and with it, the ways to acquire them. Therefore, having Binance Coin is increasingly easier. But to avoid problems, it's important to do so through safe and reliable Exchanges. Below, we show you what are the best websites to buy Binance Coin online in 2024.

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Tips for buying Binance Coin easily and quickly

Are you in a hurry and want to invest in Binance Coin right now? We give you a quick summary:

  1. Register on Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Joining will only take a few minutes!
  2. Choose your favorite payment method (debit/credit card or bank transfer). Being a regulated platform, you can buy Binance Coin safely.
  3. Click on the BUY button and select how many Binance Coin you want to buy.
  4. You can now buy Binance Coin online! Enjoy all its benefits!
  5. Binance has Binance Coin available. We have reached an agreement with Binance, and if you register through this link, you will get up to $100 free in commissions. If you don’t have an account yet, do not hesitate to open one now, as the offer is for a limited time.

Best exchanges to buy BNB

The exchanges where BNB is available are the following:

Exchange Number of cryptos Commissions Payments Comments Registration
Logo nexo Nexo 66 0% Credit card, debit, bank transfer If you register with our link and deposit a minimum of 100$ in any currency and keep it for at least one month, you will enjoy a bonus of 25$ in free BTC. Cashback on fees. The best APYs in the market and up to 12% for stablecoins and FIAT. A card to pay with cryptocurrencies without selling them.
Logo bitget Bitget 1143 0,10% Transfer, Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mercury, Xanpool, Banxa One of the best exchanges of the moment, both for spot and futures. It is a KYC-free exchange: You can register without sharing data about your identity. Large number of cryptocurrencies. They have a copytrading platform to automatically copy the strategy of the best traders. 10% discount on spot market commissions forever with our link.
Logo Binance Binance 380 0,10% Credit card, debit, bank transfer, P2P, Simplex, Banxa The world's largest exchange. Essential if you operate in crypto. Low fees. Many cryptocurrencies. Integrated NFT platform. 1.8% commission on depositing FIAT. Up to $100 in free commissions with our link.
Logo Kucoin KuCoin 725 0,10% Credit card, debit, bank transfer, P2P, Simplex, Banxa, BTC Direct Don't translate the html tags. It has futures. Low commissions and a large number of cryptocurrencies. Available worldwide. 5% discount on your commissions forever with our link.
Logo bybit Bybit 394 0,10% Debit card, credit card, transfer One of the largest exchanges in the market. With a futures and derivatives market (although not available in countries like Spain). Very good customer service.
Logo nominex Nominex 380 Maker: 0,09%, Taker: 0,10% Credit card, debit, bank transfer It is an official broker of Binance, so they have the same pairs as Binance. Even lower commissions than Binance if you pay with their token NMX. With the following strategy, it can be a commission-free exchange.
Logo HuobiPro Huobi 631 0,20% Debit card, credit card, transfer and P2P (with more than 90 payment methods) One of the largest and most recognized exchanges in the world. Low fees and a large number of cryptocurrencies. Available worldwide. Over 9 years without any security incidents.
Logo Gateio 1726 0,15% Cryptocurrencies. P2P does have payment methods with debit cards, credit, Apple Pay and Google Pay One of the largest exchanges in the market. With futures market, derivatives market, and NFT market. No commissions on BTC, ETH, or USDT pairs, both in spot and futures trading, as well as ETF. No KYC. TWO OFFERS with our link: $30 FREE if you deposit a minimum of 0.05 BTC and a 10% discount on commissions FOREVER.
Logo OKEX OKX 306 Maker: 0,10%, Taker: 0,15% Debit card, credit card, transfer International exchange with low commissions. Many cryptocurrency pairs. Good staking opportunities. Easy to use.
Logo BitMart BitMart 914 0,10% Debit card, credit card, transfer It is characterized by its large number of cryptocurrencies. Good staking opportunities. Easy to use.
Logo bit2me bit2me 218 0,95% Debit card, credit card, transfer, Tikebit 100% Spanish company, leader in the sector. They have their own token (B2M), a Pro exchange with lower fees, the Earn service to earn extra yield with your cryptocurrencies, and many other products. €5 free if the first purchase is at least €100
Logo probit Probit 408 0,20% Credit card, debit, bank transfer Low commissions and a large number of cryptocurrencies. Sometimes they run campaigns with discounts of 25 to 50% off to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba... Sign up and stay tuned for their offers.
Logo WhiteBIT WhiteBIT 314 0,10% Credit card, debit, bank transfer, AdvCash, PayUnicard A large number of cryptocurrencies. Established since 2018, they have over 3 million users. Their token has appreciated significantly since its launch, but it is still in an early phase. They have a Futures platform.
Logo nomiswap Nomiswap 35 0% Cryptocurrencies Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the first DeFi DEX with 0% fees for swaps. You can earn extra money with its liquidity pools by yield farming. You have control of your keys. Difficult to use, even for advanced users.
Logo CoinEx CoinEx 812 0,20% Credit card, debit, bank transfer, Mercuryo, XanPool, Guardarian, Banxa, MoonPay, LoopiPay, AdvCash, Simplex, Remitano, OnRamp International exchange with over a thousand pairs. It has a futures market.

How to invest in Binance Coin BNB

  1. Register on Binance
  2. To do so, you only need an email and a password. You can do it from this link.

    You will likely need to verify your account and provide personal information such as photos of your ID. The law requires exchanges to do this, known as KYC (Know Your Customer), to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. However, it is possible to register on some exchanges without giving any personal information. You can learn how in our article about exchanges without KYC.

  3. Top up your account with FIAT money.
  4. You can do this via bank transfer or instantly by paying with a debit or credit card. You can also directly deposit crypto into your Binance account.

  5. Place a market order to buy BNB.
  6. To do this, we access the basic purchase from the Spot button, search for the ticker of our cryptocurrency, and buy Binance Coin in the "Buy BNB" panel.

    Through a "market order," you buy BNB directly at the price it has at that moment.

    On the other hand, through a "limit order," you can set a purchase price. That is, if you think that Binance Coin is going to drop a bit more, you can set your target price. The purchase will be executed if BNB reaches that price.

    Additionally, limit orders have a lower commission, so they are always more advisable.

  7. Once your order is executed, you will have Binance Coin in your Binance wallet. Enjoy all its benefits!

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by daily volume, far ahead of the second. Despite this volume, Binance has not had any significant security incidents, making it a safe place to buy, sell, and deposit your cryptocurrencies.

However, it is not the only one. There are many other similar and equally safe exchanges like Binance in the market. It is not a bad idea to register on some more to get to know other exchanges and see if there is one that better suits you. Some of our recommendations are:

  • Bitget: It has become one of the favorite exchanges for many users, especially for those who operate with futures. Its competitive commissions, Launchpads, a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs, and advanced platform have made it one of the most advanced crypto platforms. Its user base is growing so fast that many believe it will become the next Binance.
  • KuCoin: You will get a 5% discount on commissions forever if you register through this link. Binance Coin is available and you can invest in BNB on KuCoin.
  • Coinmama: A non-custodial exchange: You will receive the coins directly in your wallet, without exposing yourself to risks such as hacking or exchange closures, as happened with FTX. Register through this link.
  • Bit2me: A Spanish exchange with the highest APY for staking BTC. You will get 10€ free if the first purchase is at least 100€. Register through this link. Bit2me has Binance Coin among its available currencies.
  • Huobi. Binance Coin - BNB is also available on Huobi.
  • You will get a 10% discount on commissions forever and $30 for depositing a minimum of 0.05 BTC in any currency if you register on with this link. In addition, Binance Coin is also available. You can buy BNB on

You can learn where to get other coins in the section about buying cryptocurrencies.

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